Penguin pinches elephant seal's behind after it strayed on to their bit of beach in Antarctica


"ARRRRSHHHH,That hurts!" Penguin pinches elephant seal's behind after it strayed on to their bit of beach in Antarctica - Photographer Roy Mangersnes captured the scene

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Happy New Year from Amber! - Team member of Alfa pet!


As a member of Alfa Pet team, Amber would like to say "happy new year" to everybody.

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The world Famous driving dog "Porter". Amazing!


SPCA's famous driving dog - Porter! Amazing dog!

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Jess's Xmas Gift from Santa!


Puppies are so cute! But Puppies are a big responsibility too. They require lots of love and attention, even after the holidays are over. Puppies are not just for Christmas. When giving a gift, it is important to know what the recipient would like. While puppies are adorable and cute; the person might not be ready to take on such a big responsibility (especially during a busy time of year).

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Dog Obesity


Dog obesity is one of the fastest growing health problems for dogs today. Some breeds are more prone to excessive weight gain due to genetics, body type, or as a result of other common ailments. If your dog is one of the breeds on this list, take extra care to watch its weight.

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Alfa Pet will be in Auckland Victoria park market


Alfa Pet is going to be in Victoria Park Market every Saturday since the grand open of the Market on 15th of Nov 2014! We are all excited and look forward it. Hopefully we can see heaps of our regulars and make loads of new friends there.

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How to Keep Your Dog Safe and at Ease When the Fireworks Start


Some dogs have no problem with the sight and sound of fireworks if they’ve been desensitized — hunting dogs, for example, grow used to the sounds and smells of hunting rifles and gun powder. Most dogs, however, are not used to these things, so the 2nd-5th Nov can be a particularly stressful holiday for dogs and their humans alike.

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These Pets Went ALL OUT For Halloween


Halloween is fast approaching, and no one will get you more excited to dress to the nines than these pets.

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Grief of losing a friend - Lets meet on the rainbow bridge


Boris is a 4 years old golden labrador who has the most amazing temperament. He has all the admiralbe characteristics that you can expect to see from a dog/even a person: loving, tender, faithful... His owner is one of Alfa's best friends and a loyalty customer. Every member in Alfa Pet knows Boris and likes him a lot. Boris has lost lots of weight due to the kidney failure caused by unknown reason, and did not eat or drink anything in past few days. This morning, to stop him from suffering anymore, his owner has to follow the vet's suggestion and make the hardest decision - put him down. It was a tough decision for the owner to make, and it was a sad news for every member of Alfa pet. Even the great increased volume of incoming order after the pet expo can not blow away the dark cloud in our heart. We have to try our best to avoid sobbing in the phone when we talk to other customers after we knew the news. I was writing this blog with tears still in my eyes.

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2014 Auckland Animal Expo - A Great success!


2014 Auckland animal Expo is a great success for Alfa Pet. A huge thank you for the customers, the team and everybody who helping make our show so fantastic. It was so busy, so exiciting and so fun. We received so many compliments about our products, that I still feel a bit dizzy when I try to recall my memory of the show... We have made a lot of new friends, as well as met quite a few of our regulars in the expo. There were lots of products have been sold out at the end of show, quite a few shelves became empty from full.

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