Goat Jerky

Your dog will simply love the taste of Goat Jerky, made from 100% natural NZ wild goat.

As well as tasting great, Goat Jerky also offers important health benefits. Like all products in the ALFA Pet range, it is 100% digestible and all ingredients are of human consumption grade. Goat Jerky is also hyper-allergenic, promotes anti-inflammatory properties and can help with your pet’s immunity.
As the goat we use is wild goat, so thre is no antibiotic residual in their system at all — it contains absolutely no additives or preservatives either.

Of course, with all this nutritional goodness, it’s important not to waste it. This is why the meat is dehydrated instead of oven baked.

So, when you give your dog Goat Jerky, you can rest assured it is getting a tasty treat packed with goodness.

Net Weight: 50g

$10.99 NZD

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