Bull Chew 1 piece 30cm

Bull Chew is an ideal treat for puppies with itchy teeth or dogs that enjoy a tougher chew.

As a clean and natural bovine product, Bull Chew won’t mess up your home — it isn’t oily, it doesn’t crumble and has no unpleasant odours.

Bull Chew is 100% natural with no additives or preservatives. The protein contained will keep your pet energized as well as support the health of its eyes and skin, its immune system and everyday functions. It’s much better for your dog than rawhide because half the fatty acids found in beef are monounsaturated — the same fat found in olive oil.

Like all products in the ALFA Pet range, Bull Chew is 100% digestible and all ingredients are of human consumption grade. To preserve its nutritional goodness, the product is dehydrated instead of oven baked.
Bull Chew is low in fat and contains no bones. It’s also unbreakable — there is no need to worry about your pet swallowing the product and choking.
So, keep your dog occupied with Bull Chew. It is great for canine health and won’t make a mess in your home.

Statement of Analysis:
Guaranteed Analysis 
Minimum % Crude Protein 52.9%
Minimum % Crude Fat 10.5%
Maximum % Crude Fiber 2.1%
Maximum % Salt (sodium chloride) 1.2%

$15.99 NZD

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