Calf Liver

Liver treat, as one of the favorite training treats for dog trainers, can be snapped into tiny pieces easily for training, rewards or distraction purpose.

$5.99 NZD

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Venison Meaty Cube

Venison Meaty cube is made from NZ venison lung. Deer raised in NZ is without antibiotics or added hormones.

$8.99 NZD

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Goat Jerky

Your dog will simply love the taste of Goat Jerky, made from 100% natural NZ wild goat.

$10.99 NZD

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Bull Chew 1 piece 30cm

Bull Chew is an ideal treat for puppies with itchy teeth or dogs that enjoy a tougher chew.

$15.99 NZD

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Deer Antler 1 Piece

Treat your dog to Deer Hard Antler — an especially tough chew for dogs.

$29.99 NZD

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